trespassers in firing zone
trespassers in firing zoneפייסבוק: אביחי שורשן

The latest hero of the ultra left-wing "Breaking the Silence" organization is one Abdallah, who was purportedly forced, according to the organization's report, to evacuate his "house together with his family for the sake of a military exercise....for the eighth time this year."

Activists from the organization wrote accusingly that "Palestinians being forced to leave their homes for hours, sometimes even for days, because we have to perform drills, is a daily occurrence in the 'territories'.

However it took less than 24 hours for the founder of the "My Truth" organization, Avihai Shorshan, to reveal the truth behind Abdallah's tear-jerking story.

"I went to investigate a bit more and guess what?" wrote Shorshan. "In December 1999, when the area of Ras el Ahmar was declared a firing zone, there was no person living there. Abdallah and his family settled there after the Defense Ministry designated it a firing zone and had verified conclusively that nobody lived there."

"All these are hard facts, but since when does anybody care about them?" added Shorshan. "As long as another anti-IDF post is sent abroad and more unfounded claims make their way to the media."