Ma'aleh Adumim
Ma'aleh Adumim Israel news photo: Flash 90

Candian UNHRC investigator Michael Lynk says Israel must give full control over Judea and Samaria to the Palestinian Authority.

"Allow the Palestinian Authority to assume security control in Area B and civil and security control in Area C so as to end the geographic fragmentation of the occupied Palestinian territory," Lynk said.

Area A is under full PA control, and Jews are forbidden to enter it. If a Jew were to enter Area A, chances are high he would not come out alive, and would suffer abuse and brutality before he was finally killed. Area B is under PA civil control, but the IDF controls security of the area, while Area C is under full Israeli civil and security control.

All Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria are located in Area C, along with several Arab villages.

Lynk also blamed the "occupation" on Israel's "settlement enterprise."

"Without Israel's settlement project, there would be no rationale for the continuing occupation," he said. "Israel's discriminatory planning regime, particularly in East Jerusalem and Area C, minimizes or excludes Palestinian participation."

He also said Israel acted as "a colonial-like regime in the occupied Palestinian territory, with two separate and unequal systems as regards laws, roads, justice regime, access to water, social services, freedom of mobility, political and civil rights, security and living standards."

Ironically, Lynk claimed Israel creates a "coercive environment that exacerbates the risk of individual and mass forced transfer" by not permitting Arabs to build and demolishing their homes. He also said forced transfer is a war crime.

The only individual or mass forced transfer in Israel's history was the expulsion of the Jewish communities from Gaza. Some of those expelled eleven years ago have not yet been able to rebuild their lives.

And while Jewish homes built without permits are often destroyed, and even those built on ownerless land are often demolished and the residents expelled after a leftist NGO lays claim to the land retroactively, illegal Arab homes are rarely destroyed and illegal Arab housing, both Bedouin and Palestinian, shoots up like weeds. Some of the illegal housing is privately funded, but much of the illegal buildings were funded by the EU or foreign governments.

In the 26-page report Lynk prepared on Israel's "war crimes" he claimed Israeli security forces used disproportionate violence and force in quelling potential terror attacks. Lynk claimed the IDF "only compounds" Palestinian violence, and suggested some of the terror attacks never actually occurred.

Lynk also blamed Palestinian violence, especially that of minors, on "hopelessness."

"Many of the attacks and alleged attacks have been committed by minors, which is particularly worrying because of the hopelessness it seems to represent," he said.

"Violent attacks of any kind by anyone are unacceptable. The fact that the attacks and alleged attacks by Palestinians against Israelis are, not infrequently, responded to with disproportionate and deadly force only compounds the violence...and helps to perpetuate a cycle of continued violence....with the message being sent that Palestinian lives do not matter, while the Palestinian population becomes both more fearful and more desperate....It is clear those killed had not posed the level of threat that, according to international standards, would merit the use of deadly force."

In addition, Lynk took issue with Israel's punishment and deterrence tactics, such as revoking travel and work permits, closing roads to and from terrorists' communities, arrest of minor terrorists, and holding of administrative detainees.

Many of the more recent terrorists were indeed minors, taught in summer camps and schools to use violence against Jews.