Route 60
Route 60 צילום: גרשון אלינסון, פלאש 90

Hamas international spokesperson and former leader of the terrorist organization's military wing in northern Samaria, Hussam Badran, called on the Palestinian Authority to discuss the issue of security cameras in Judea and Samaria, which in his opinion "expose our Palestinian militants and make it more difficult to commit terror attacks against the occupying forces and the settlers."

Badran said the cameras Israel has put on Israeli roads, as well as the security cameras which have been installed in businesses and homes are used by Israel to gather information on terrorist cells and to prevent terror attacks.

Continuing this situation would cause the exposure of more "militants" and make it more difficult to carry out armed "fights" against Israel, he said.

This seems to be the case. Recently, security cameras led to the arrest of a terrorist cell in Ni'lin, preventing a terror attack.

Badran was one of the main planners of some of the most vicious suicide bombings that took place during the Oslo War (the Second Intifada) including the 2001 bombing of the Dolphinarium discotheque in Tel Aviv where 21 people, most of them youngsters out to have a good time, were killed.

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