American Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro welcomed Arutz Sheva into his Sukkah during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot currently underway, shortly before he was set to host in his Sukkah alumni of various exchange programs that the American Embassy runs every year.

Relating to recent actions of left-wing organization B'tselem, which spoke out against Israel at the UN, the Ambassador explained that America has a vested interest in protecting freedom of speech at home and around the world, and implied that the US saw B'tselem as contributing to freedom of speech with its UN appearance. "We encourage that there be a free flow of ideas everywhere in the world [...] It's most important to protect the speech of unpopular ideas - precisely because they are unpopular," he said.

In response to recent events leading up to the American elections, the Ambassador explained that because of America's leadership role in the world, many people are watching and waiting for the election results, though he noted, "Frankly, I think we are all going to be relieved when these elections are over."

In addition, the Ambassador praised the recent defense deal signed between the US and Israel and explained that he disagreed with the decision made by UNESCO to exclude Jews from the history of Jerusalem.