Yariv Levin
Yariv LevinYonatan Sindel Flash 90

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin (Likud) called on the judicial system to take legal action against the radical leftist organization B'Tselem.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Levin spoke out against the participation of the director of B'Tselem in a UN Security Council meeting on Israel that was initiated by the Palestinian Arabs against Israel.

"In no other country would such behavior be accepted. A citizen goes and calls for the world to act against the country in which he is a citizen? This is treason," Levin stated.

Levin does not see any difference between those enemies who fight Israel on the battlefield and those enemies who fight Israel in the political or economic arenas. He stated that, "those who aid the enemy in battle are no different from those who aid the enemy in the other fields."

"The time has come for the judicial system to take action against those who act against the State of Israel. The relevant sections of the penal code are clear-treason and providing aid to the enemy. It is time to implement those laws and put the anti-Israel activists behind bars."

Levin also spoke about the relationship between the government and the Zionist Union party, and between the Jewish Home party and the Prime Minister.

"The Prime Minister wants to expand the government, but only on the basis of the current government principles. It is no secret that this has not happened because no one in the Zionist Union is willing to accept the government's principles."

Levin said that not only does Netanyahu want to keep the Jewish Home party in the coalition, he has rejected demands from the Zionist Union to eject the Jewish Home party from the coalition on several occasions.

Levin was critical, however, of attacks on Netanyahu by MKs from the Jewish Home party. "Unfortunately, I see that members of the Jewish Home party never miss an opportunity to attack the Prime Minister and the government on the issue of Amona."

Levin is also critical of the Supreme Court's decision to demolish the community of Amona. He stated that, "The Court's decision against Amona is unjust and discriminatory. They don't enforce building regulations when Arabs build in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem, and in many other places. But the legal system somehow wakes up when it comes to Jewish building."