Holocaust survivor
Holocaust survivor Flash 90

A group of Israeli teenagers in Acre came to the aid of a 92-year old Holocaust survivor who came home from France to find his apartment ransacked, NRG reported.

Limor Ozen, the head of a community center in Acre, received a phone call last week from the victim, Michael, whose last name was not given.

The thieves had stolen all of the food from Michael's refrigerator and freezer. The rotting remnants of the food the vandals left on the counter had attracted worms and produced a disgusting odor.

As soon as she saw the extent of the damage Ozen put out a call for help on Whatsapp. 17 teenagers answered the call and came to help Michael clean up the mess the burglars had left of his apartment.

In a multi-day effort the teenagers worked from morning till night, according to Ozen, cleaning the apartment and washing Michael's linen and clothes.

Michael told NRG that when he saw how the teenager enthusiastically helped him wept with joy. "You should have seen how these kids work, each and every one of them. We have marvelous youth."

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