MK Ayelet Shaked
MK Ayelet Shaked Hillel Maeir

After he criticized her on Facebook, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) shot back at Yesh Atid party head Yair Lapid, saying that his policies hurt the cause of recruiting more haredim to the IDF.

Lapid initially criticized the current government for passing laws that would be overturned by the Supreme Court. Shaked said that she believes that it is not the job of the courts to overturn laws passed by the Knesset.

After criticizing the court's excessive activism, which she says harms democracy, Shaked attacked Lapid's policy of forcibly conscripting the haredim and his attempts to criminally indict haredi young men who do not enlist. The law he promoted was a failure in that it did not increase the numbers of haredim who enlisted and led to extreme anger at the IDF, to the point that some haredi soldiers were abused when entering haredi neighborhoods.

"The bill you passed in the previous Knesset hurt enlistment among haredim." she said, referring to resentment at being forcibly conscripted among the haredim. "I begged you to give up on conscription by 2017. The amendment we passed is compatible with the law (you passed) from the previous Knesset. I want to tell you that more and more haredim are working and enlisting."