Kite with camera crosses Gazan border into Israel
Kite with camera crosses Gazan border into Israel צילום: רויטרס

IDF forces stationed on the Israel-Gaza border noticed on Saturday morning a kite with a camera flying over the border. The kite crossed the border and was then pulled back into a car located just inside Gaza, near the Israeli kibbutzim of Nir Am, Gevim, and the town of Sderot.

While the kite was in the air, the IDF noticed that there were two armed trucks about 250 meters from the fence, on the Gazan side.

At some point, the kite was pulled back over the border and placed into one of the vehicles. The trucks then traveled northeast towards the Gazan city of Beit Hanoun.

The IDF has estimated that the kite had the camera for reconnaissance purposes.

An IDF spokesperson said, "During the morning hours, a kite with a camera was sighted as it crossed the border from Gaza into Israel. IDF forces fired into the air, and the kite and its owners left the area."