It has been released for publication Thursday afternoon that the GSS in correspondence with the police and the army have arrested a number of residents of the Galilee town of Ajar during the month of September under suspicion of being involved in smuggling the explosive devices found near the town of Metulla in July this year.

From the interrogation of the suspects and from information gathered about the case it became apparent that a number of residents of the village of Ajar on the northern border led by Diab Saad Jamil Kamehous established contacts with Hezbollah operatives and smuggled items into Israel through the Lebanese border according to Hezbollah requests as well as performing other espionage activities within Israel for Hezbollah

On Thursday the suspects were indicted by the Northern region state prosecutor for serious offenses against the state of Israel. Kamehous was arrested at the beginning of September. According to the investigation he established contact with his father, Saad Kamehous, a drug dealer who fled to Lebanon in October 2006 and was a known Hezbollah collaborator.

Saad mediated between the Hezbollah and the family in Ajar and established a relationship between his son and the Hezbollah. He communicated with his son by encoded e-mail.

Last May Diab received two explosive devices from Hezbollah which were smuggled over the fence and hidden in an orchard near Metulla. At the end of July the devices were discovered there by security forces.

Diab was asked by the Hezbollah to perpetrate an attack in Haifa at whatever site he would choose. Later Diab scouted out the Nesher factories as a possible site for an attack and collaborated with his brothers Yussuf and Jamil in planning the attack.

Diab agreed to perform the attack but offered an alternative option to the Hezbollah to place the explosives at the Turan junction bus stop where many soldiers congregate every Sunday morning. Diab gathered information about the bus stop and transferred it to the Hezbollah.

During the course of the past month six residents of Ajar were arrested, including Diab's two brothers on suspicion of involvement in Diab's activities with the Hezbollah.

Adel Ahmed Hasan Oyenat was also arrested in suspicion of connections with Hezbollah and Diab and for drug smuggling activities conducted with Diaz and others. He was also accused of transferring night-fighting equipment to Hezbollah in 2007.

On the same day Muhammed Mahmad Jamil Kamehous was arrested on suspicion of helping his brother. Among other things he bought a computer for his brother to contact the Hezbollah and then helped him send encoded e-mail messages to the Hezbollah as well as being involved in drug dealing.

A week later Mamdouh Karim Munif Ibrahim was arrested for helping Diab on various occasions establish contacts with Hezbollah as well as for drugdealing activities together with Diab and others.

A few days later Yussuf Saaf Jamil Kamehous was arrested under suspicion of helping Diab maintain Hezbollah contacts as well as travelling with him to gather information at the Turan bus stop. After Diab's arrest Yussuf burnt the computers which had served to contact the Hezbollah.

Jamil Saad Jamil Kamehous was arrested next and investigations revealed that he was the main collaborator with his brother in his activities with the Hezbollah, being fully aware of his brother's activities and tasks. He also helped establish Hezbollah contacts as well as taking his brother to smuggling points on various occasions and helping destroy the computers used for communication with Hezbollah.

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