Rabbi Steinman
Rabbi SteinmanFlash90

A young haredi man attempted to break into the home of Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman in Bnei Brak Saturday night, apparently in order to receive a blessing before the Rosh Hashanah holiday, which begins Sunday evening.

Rabbi Steinman is one of the most prominent rabbinic figures within the haredi world, and is a senior member of leadership committee of United Torah Judaism’s Degel HaTorah faction.

According to the would-be intruder, the attempted break-in was an effort to secure a blessing from the rabbi, “in order to be saved from the Day of Judgment” – a reference to the upcoming holiday.

When the youth first approached Rabbi Steinman’s home, family members explained that he would be unable to see the rabbi at that late hour.

The young man then attempted to force his way in. Police were called to the scene, and the suspect was removed from the area.

Witnesses say the man appears to be mentally or emotionally unstable.