Soldier Elor Azariya in court
Soldier Elor Azariya in court Flash 90

Etti, Elor Azariya’s sister, in an interview with Army Radio, responded to the phone conversation Prime Minister Netanyahu had with her father and to her family’s crisis situation.

In the interview, she praised Netanyahu for making the call, saying, “it’s legitimate that the Prime Minister called and he did a good thing by doing so. He is trying to uphold an Israeli family that is trapped in a crisis.”

“I have nothing more to add to that conversation. I can’t say that he is helping us, but he gave us encouragement,” she added.

“This minute we are definitely dependent upon the court system. We hope they will ignore all the influences from without and within the system that said irresponsible things and I hope that my brother will get a fair trial.”

“I want to help my little brother, but I leave the decision to the court and I hope we can depend upon that,” Azariya’s sister noted.

During the interview she explained the situation in which her family is locked. “I can tell you one thing," she said, "we started as a wholesome and happy family and now my family is in crisis, falling apart, ever so slowly, and it’s costing my father his health, as well as my uncle's, and my mother is going to fall off her feet at any moment.”

“We are not alone, we have so many who support us, without this nation we would not survive, I'm just thinking about my little brother, who is all of 19 years old, he is in a situation where he feels danger, he has been imprisoned for half a year. My brothers and I are trying to keep the family together.”

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