Rebel fighters in Syria's Latakia province
Rebel fighters in Syria's Latakia province Reuters

After an additional round of badly-aimed ordnance exploded in the Israeli Golan Heights, Israeli warplanes have again attacked Syrian Army targets over the border.

Despite the fact that Syria has several times violated Israeli territory, a representative of the Syrian Army claimed that Israel is trying to escalate the situation, and wishes to harm the ceasefire. This, despite the interesting coincidence between the timing of the ceasefire and that of the recent spillover from the Syrian conflict.

While the recent ceasefire was officially enacted in order to bring relief supplies to civilians suffering from the atrocities of war, those supplies are still trapped at the Turkish border.

Likewise, despite the claimed “success” of the cease fire, according to AFP, Russian representatives claim to have counted at least 60 violations by “American aligned” rebel groups. This alone should make apparent the tenuous nature of the current lull in fighting.

According to the unnamed Syrian source, Israel is attempting to support “terrorist factions.” Russia has made the same accusation about the US.