Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the Israeli people this evening (Wednesday) ahead of the historic pact to be signed between America and Israel in which Israel is set to receive 38 billion dollars of military aid over the next 10 years. Netanyahu spoke in Hebrew and said that, "In one hour, an historic agreement will be signed between America and Israel. The agreement will ensure that an unprecedented amount of military aid be granted to Israel over the next decade.

In his speech, Netanyahu noted that, "This is the largest package of military aide that the USA has ever granted to another nation. It will allow us to improve our military capabilities and improve our missile defense system. This is a great achievement for Israel and all Israelis can feel blessed by this.

The Prime Minister thanked those involved saying, "I would like to thank President Obama and his administration for this historic agreement. I would like to thank our friends in the Congress and the entire American nation."

Netanyahu stated that, "The agreement serves both our defense interests and America’s interests."

He concluded by saying, "This agreement exemplifies a very simple truth- relations between Israel and America are strong. That doesn’t mean we don’t have disagreements, but the disagreements are within the family. Our ties remain stronger than ever and this agreement, which will support Israel for the next decade, is testament to that."