Jerusalem vs. Elitzur Efrat
Jerusalem vs. Elitzur Efrat Photo: Liron Moldovan. League management.

66 members of the European Parliament, which has 751 members in total, signed a letter addressed to FIFA President Gianni Infantino. FIFA is the international soccer governing body.

In the letter, the parliament members demand that FIFA acts to ban soccer clubs that operate in Judea and Samaria from the Israel Football (soccer) Association (IFA).

The five clubs mentioned in the letter are Betar Givat Ze'ev, Betar Ironi Ariel, Ironi Yehuda, Betar Ironi Maale Adumim and Hapoel Bik'at Hayarden.

The letter that was sent to Infantino read: "We request that FIFA act in accordance with the laws and international law, and determine that these clubs must transfer their operations to areas that are recognized as Israeli land. Otherwise, they should not be allowed to be part of the IFA."

Mayor of Efrat Oded Revivi said in response that "sports events are a bridge to peace, a bridge to reconciliation, understanding, and hope. The European Parliament members who are attempting to hurt sports clubs that operate in Judea and Samaria do not bring peace between Israelis and Palsetinians closer, but rather push it further away.

"I am sure that if these parliament members would visit us here in Efrat and in other towns in Judea and Samaria they would encounter Palestinians working in Israeli factories who enjoy full social conditions. They would discover a different reality than the one they are sold by interested elements that support terror groups and wish to undermine the coexistence that reigns here. I advise these parliament members to act in the opposite direction, to facilitate meetings between Wadi Nis and Elitzur Efrat, or soccer clubs from Jenin and Elkana, Kiryat Arba and Hevron. Thus, through the nations getting to know each other in the realm of sports, peace can be brought closer to fruition."