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Clinton Trump Arutz Sheva

A month after Donald Trump suffered his weakest poll numbers since effectively securing the nomination in May, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has hit its own nadir, with steady reversals first in national and now state polling.

After benefiting from weeks of unforced errors by the Republican nominee, Clinton’s lead nationwide over Trump spiked to over 7 points in early August.

Since then, however, a series of damaging revelations regarding Mrs. Clinton’s handling of her now infamous private email server used to handle State Department material as well as the questionable relationship between the Clinton Foundation and then-Secretary of State Clinton’s office have dragged down the former First Lady’s poll numbers.

On Friday, for example, FBI officials released documents from the investigation into Clinton’s private email server. The documents revealed that, among other things, Mrs. Clinton’s claim that she had used a private email address to handle both personal and work-related materials was because she “wanted the simplicity of using one device” to be a lie.

The newly-released documents show that in fact Clinton had no fewer than 13 devices – and that despite an FBI request for the devices, not one could be produced for the investigation.

One staffer admitted to destroying several of the devices “hitting them with a hammer.” The inability of the FBI to access the devices, in the Bureau’s words, “prevented the FBI from conclusively determining whether the classified information transmitted and stored on Clinton’s personal server systems was compromised via cyber intrusion or other means.”

For the first time ever, registered voters view Clinton just as unfavorably as Trump, according to an ABC/Washington Post poll published last week.

That’s cut Clinton’s lead over Trump by more than half over the past month. While Clinton lead by as much as 7.6 points a month ago, the RealClearPolitics average of polls now shows her leading by just 3.2 points.

And according to four of the most recent national polls, the race is even closer, with the two tied according to a new Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP, and Trump leading by one percent in the latest Rasmussen Reports poll.

A USC Dornsife/LA Times poll published on Saturday shows Trump up by three, and while some have criticized what they call the poll’s methodology, the swing towards Trump is undeniable. A fourth poll conducted on behalf of Fox News showed an eight-point swing towards the GOP candidate, with a 10-point Clinton lead all but evaporating, leaving the race in a statistical dead-heat, 41-39 in favor the Democrat.

But even as Clinton’s national polling numbers declined, until recently, her lead in state polling remained surprisingly stable.

Now, however, Trump has closed the gap in a number of swing-states, particularly in the Midwest.

According to the latest Ipsos poll, Trump now leads Clinton in New Hampshire by 1 point, in the all-important bellwether state of Ohio by 3, and in Wisconsin and Michigan by 1 each. Neither state has gone Republican in a presidential election in the last quarter century.

But Trump’s largest lead came in Iowa, where the Ipsos poll showed him up by 3 points. An Emerson poll showed an even larger lead of 5 points, and the RealClearPolitics average now shows Trump leading the state.

According to the Emerson poll Trump has also narrowed the gap in Virginia, home state to Clinton’s running-mate Tim Kaine, a state Obama won in both 2012 and 2008.