Elor Azariya sits with his family at his trial
Elor Azariya sits with his family at his trial Miriam Alster/Flash 90

In a Facebook post on Wednesday morning, Elor Azariya's sister, Eti, described the difficulties the family now faces on a daily basis:

"How much evil can we swallow?

"It's been five months now since my family and I have found ourselves in an ongoing nightmare.

"Sometimes, when I wake up (after succeeding in falling asleep for a couple of hours) I still can't digest the fact that this is the tough reality, and I feel like I'm dreaming.

"Every day, it is further revealed to the public the extent of the terrible injustice perpetrated against us. A mask of framing, manipulation and lies whose only goal is to implicate my brother and destroy my family.

"Happily, this week brave commanders backed my brother's conduct in the field and effectively collapsed the claims of the prosecution.

"In any normally-functioning society, they would have ended this case and immediately freed my brother.

"In addition to the [court case plaguing] us, a quiet and normative family, we have suffered additional blows [as a result...] My father, Charlie, cannot endure the terrible pain and collapsed at the beginning of the month. He suffered a stroke and is currently in rehabilitation, learning to walk and function again.

"You need to understand that my father is the best of the best, a man who served the country all his life - in the army and in the police. Every spare moment he had, he helped the needy [...]

"Why are they doing this to us?! Do they want to destroy my family?

"As if this weren't enough, yesterday my beloved uncle, Victor, collapsed, and is now hospitalized in the cardiovascular department of the hospital.

"You have to understand! Victor filled my father's place these past weeks and worked to unite the broken family, bringing my mother to visit my brother and to the courthouse, sitting with us during the hearings until the late hours of the night, calming down my mother, who couldn't bear the torture any longer.

"My dear uncle [...] also contributed to the state all his life.

"This is how we were educated from day one! And this is also the reason my brother received a certificate of distinction!"