An international group of scientists has discovered a star which has similar conditions strikingly similar to Earth's at the closest distance to be found until now.

The star, known as Proxima B, is 4.23 light years,, or roughly 25 trillion miles, away from Earth and is the closest planet similar to our own, out of some 3,500 planets which have been discovered so far outside the solar system since 1995.

The planet is not visible to the human eye from earth, and was discovered using an advanced telescope at a European observatory.

Proxima B has temperatures within the range that would allow the existence of water and possibly even life. Researchers believe that they could send a probe which could investigate the planet.

Dr. Miko Thomi, a member of the group which discovered the planet, said that "according to our findings the planet has a rocky surface area and is a little heavier than earth. It is the closest planet to us which might permit life to exist beyond the solar system."

"It is curious to imagine that the components needed to support life exist on a planet. It is a good place to begin to search for life beyond the solar system." he added.