Prayers in Joseph's Tomb
Prayers in Joseph's Tomb Flash 90

An IDF force was rushed to Joseph's Tomb in Shechem yesterday, after an Israeli bus that entered the area of the Tomb without advance coordination was violently attacked by rioting Arabs.

The Arabs threw rocks at the bus, containing 60 Jews of the Breslov hassidic sect, as IDF forces quickly evacuated passengers from the scene.

A number of the passengers were injured from the rock-throwing and were treated at the scene. 32 of the Israelis were detained for investigation after they were successfully extricated from the scene. It is being checked whether the bus entered the premises with Palestinian license plates.

An Israeli medic on the scene noted that a 17-year-old Israeli youth was evacuated to Schneider Hospital with head injuries. His condition is defined as "light."

An IDF spokesman said, following the incident, "the IDF emphasizes that civilian entrance into 'Area A' [so-called 'Palestinian areas' of Judea and Samaria] is dangerous and constitutes a transgression of law."

Police also condemned the incident: "We see the incident tonight as very severe, uncoordinated entry [into the Tomb complex] without security is dangerous for both civilians and security forces coming to rescue them. Entry in to Area A without permission is a criminal offense."

Joseph's Tomb is frequently the site of Arab violence against Jews coming to pray at the Tomb.

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