Sasson vs. his Egyptian opponent, whom he defeated
Sasson vs. his Egyptian opponent, whom he defeated Reuters

Olympic Judo medalist Uri Sasson describes his unforgettable encounter with his Egyptian opponent Islam A-Shihabi at the games, who refused to even shake his hand.

"I knew in advance that I was to face him in competition. People were sending me messages on social networks like 'tear apart the Muslim.' But I understood that I was coming to fight against a sportsman, and it didn't matter to me that he was Egyptian," Sassson said in an interview with Yediot Achronot.

Sasson related that his Egyptian opponent never came up to talk to him and always had a malicious look in his eye. "He looked like he wanted to murder us. In the elevator, the Egyptians didn't want to go up with us.

"A couple minutes before the fight, I heard him and his coach telling each other, 'Allah Akbar.' It reminded me of what happens in Israel before terrorist attacks, with those shouts," Sasson described.

On the failed attempt at a handshake after the fight, Sasson commented, "After the fight, I looked for his hand. My coach Oren Smadadga told me to do it. I never had developed any hatred towards him."