Ofra Yossi Zamir/Flash90

Recent high school graduates from the Samarian town of Ofra north of Jerusalem penned a joint open letter on Thursday on behalf of their wounded neighbor, Yehuda Yitzhak HaYisraeli, and questioning how the government would treat them if they were injured in the line of duty.

The graduates, who will soon be drafted into the army, blasted what they called the “abandonment” of HaYisraeli “by the State of Israel and the army”.

HaYisraeli, who was severely injured during the 2014 Gaza campaign, has been cleared for release from the hospital, but due to his condition requires adjustments to his house before he can return home. Because of bureaucratic red tape, the Defense Ministry has hitherto been unwilling to fund the modifications, owing to the building’s location in Ofra, over the Green Line.

In their open letter, the Ofra graduates ripped what they called the injustice of HaYisraeli’s predicament, and expressed their concerns over their own upcoming army service, wondering whether the government would care for them should they be injured in the line of duty.

“We’re in the same situation Yehuda found himself in [prior to his service], and are wondering about our future and our upcoming army service, and we demand an explanation from you as to what would happen [with us] if, God forbid, we were wounded.”

“It’s important to remember,” the letter continues, “that the town of Ofra was founded 41 years ago, with the support and encouragement of the State of Israel – what changed?”

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