MK Broshi (middle) in Ofra this morning
MK Broshi (middle) in Ofra this morning Photo: PR

MK Eitan Broshi of the left-wing Zionist Union visited the towns of Ofra and Amona in the Binyamin region of Samaria this morning (Tuesday).

In Ofra, Broshi met with the residents of the nine houses that the Supreme Court has ordered be demolished by February of 2017.

MK Broshi said that the status of the nine houses should be the same as that of the whole town, and a fitting solution must be found to prevent the demolition of any houses and resolve the status of the whole town.

Broshi recounted that while he served as an adviser to the Defense Minister for matters of settlement and construction he had presented his conviction that the nine houses in Ofra should be given the same treatment as the whole town to the Supreme Court. Ofra's residents said they see Broshi as a true friend, and thanked him for his brave stand.

Chairman of the Ofra Secretariat Shai Ben Yosef said that "the matter of the nine houses, the prevention of Ofra expanding, and the absurd prevention of the soldier Yehuda Yisraeli who was seriously wounded in operation Protective Edge from coming back to recover in his own home in Ofra all make it imperative that the government take significant legal action to resolve the status of Ofra once and for all, not paper it over with some fragile legal trick."

After his visit in Ofra MK Broshi proceeded to the nearby town of Amona.

Amona has been slated for demolition as well due to alleged outstanding claims of ownership on the land on which it is built.

Broshi met with Amona residents and heard a survey of the situation from Attorney Avichai Buaron, Chairman of the organization battling to save Amona.