Miriam Peretz, who lost two of her sons on IDF battlefields, on Monday addressed the Religious Zionist emissaries conference which took place in the city of Jerusalem.

Peretz’s son Eliraz was killed in 2010 near the Gaza border. Another son, Uriel, was killed in Lebanon in late 1998.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Peretz said that her message to the emissaries is that being an emissary “is a great privilege”.

“Not everybody can be a shaliach (emissary), only 'super people' like these people who were here today,” she said.

“My message to them is change the world, bring all the people of Israel together. They will change the world because they will show the many faces of Israel. We pay so much for our existence in this land,” continued Peretz.

“I told them that they are the emissaries of God, not the emissaries of the state of Israel, and they will show the children in many places in the world the stones of this land. Every stone here was laid with the blood of our children. We paid so much for building this land and we can be here only because we have roots.”


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