Site of Hyper Cacher terror attack
Site of Hyper Cacher terror attack Reuters

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held a press briefing today (Sunday), during which he addressed Israel's role in helping other countries prevent terror attacks.

"On the subject of terrorism, we are a powerhouse of information," he said. All countries use our intelligence [for fighting terror]. Israel supplies it, and it has prevented many attacks around the world - [this is] something which raises [Israel's] value [in the eyes of the world]."

"The realization is sinking in among countries of the world that they are threatened by terror, and that they need Israel's help. My policy is to diversify pacts with other countries," he added.

Netanyahu rejected the idea that anti-Israel international bodies like the UN are necessarily reflective of nation-wide anti-Israel sentiment. "International bodies do not necessarily reflect [the true thoughts] of the member states within them.

"[Therefore], in recent years we have been increasing pacts with other countries," he said, emphasizing that this phenomenon was "not a [mere] substitute for relations with the US," possibly referencing his strained relations with US President Barack Obama.

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