Rabbi Eliezer Berland
Rabbi Eliezer Berland Flash 90

The court released Rabbi Eliezer Berland to house arrest today (Wednesday), however police have requested to delay implementation for one day, out of fears that the Rabbi would escape authorities again.

Police conditioned the rabbi's release from custody on the presence of neutral overseers watching the rabbi during the house arrest.

The court has complied with the police request to delay the release, indicating that the state has the option of appealing the decision. The rabbi is to be detained under house arrest until next Thursday.

Police indicated their intention of filing an indictment, elaborating: "To remind you, as of late, a process of detention has been completed against Rabbi Berland, under the lead of Israeli Police [...] together with the state prosecutor and with the help of officials of the Foreign Ministry, signalling the end of a continuous effort to locate him and bring him to Israel on suspicion of serious crimes [...]"