Loyalists beat Turkish coup supporter
Loyalists beat Turkish coup supporter Reuters

An international human rights organization claims the Turkish government is systematically torturing soldiers involved in a failed coup attempt earlier this month, as well as thousands of other detainees.

According Amnesty International, as many as 10,000 Turkish rebels, former judges, and other suspected dissidents have been taken into custody and are suffering from rape, torture, and starvation as punishment for their opposition to the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The human rights group claimed on Monday that it has “credible evidence” of the rights violations against detainees in the wake of the failed coup.

“Despite chilling images and videos of torture that have been widely broadcast across the country, the government has so far remained silent on the abuse.”

Based on interviews with local doctors, lawyers, and at least one official serving in a Turkish detention facility, Amnesty International claims many detainees are being denied “food, water, and medical treatment,” and are subjected “to beatings and torture, including rape and sexual assault.”

“Two lawyers in Ankara told us that detainees said they witnessed senior military officials in detention being raped with a truncheon or finger by police officers,” Amnesty International reported.

“A person on duty at the Ankara Police Headquarters sports hall saw a detainee with severe wounds consistent with having been beaten, including a large swelling on his head. The detainee could not stand up or focus his eyes and he eventually lost consciousness.”

Captured Turkish rebels Twitter/Screenshot
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