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A New York Rabbi is being sued for exposing a convicted sex offender on Twitter, according to a Westchester News 12 report.

The lawsuit was filed in Israel by Yona Weinberg. The tweet exposed Weinberg, who is now living in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Nof, as a sex offender.

The tweet reads: "Har Nof residents: Beware of convicted sex offender Yona Weinberg," with a link added for additional information.

The Rabbi being sued for slander is Rabbi Ya'akov Horowitz, a longtime educator in Rockland, New York, who posts parenting videos on YouTube and write children's books to help parents talk to their kids about child abuse.

Rabbi Horowitz says the lawsuit will not deter him from raising awareness of sex abuse in the community.

"I have a responsibility to the children and their parents and there's no way I'm going to give up on that," says Rabbi Horowitz.

"I'm not suing Horowitz for sharing public information", Weinberg responded, "I'm actually suing Horowitz for telling people to treat me like a terrorist with a machete - making a deliberate and intentional connection to the terrorists of the Har Nof Massacre; for telling people that I am giving out non-kosher candies to children, and for telling people that there is a Warrant for my arrest and that I escaped from the United States with an active Warrant".