Coalition air strike on Manbij
Coalition air strike on Manbij Reuters

The Syrian National Council, an opposition group supported by Western powers, has called for the US and its allies to cease their airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

Reuters reports that the demand comes in response to reports that the coalition killed 77 civilians, including 11 children, within two days this past week. All of the deaths occurred in or around the northern city of Manbij.

SNC President Anas al-Abdah warned the international coalition that killing civilians would "prove to be a recruitment tool for terrorist organizations" and called for an investigation into the deaths.

"It is essential that such investigation not only result in revised rules of procedure for future operations, but also inform accountability for those responsible for such major violations," he explained.

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has promised to look into the claims of civilian casualties, which cam from the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human RIghts. However, the United Nations Security Council has not opened any resolutions regarding the recent incidents, nor has anyone suggested suing the United States and its allies in the International Criminal Court.