Rabbi Berland at the Kotel
Rabbi Berland at the Kotel Flash 90

Rabbi Eliezer Berland lost consciousness on Tuesday, following a hearing in Ayalon Prison. His followers reported that the rabbi was evacuated to Assaf Harofeh Hospital in Tel Aviv.

Rabbi Berland is a well-known Breslov rabbi who headed the Shuvu Banim Yeshiva in Jerusalem's Old City. He has long been suspected of serious sexual offenses, and after a long period of fleeing the law, he was extradited to Israel.

Earlier, his sentence was extended until this Thursday. Over the next couple days the rabbi is expected to confront his accusers. Police asked to extend his sentence by seven days, but the court accepted the public defender's argument that two days is enough to prepare for the confrontation.

In addition, his followers are expected to set up a protest tent in front of Nitsan Prison in order to create public pressure and bring about his release. They were partially inspired by Sha'agat Aryeh Yeshiva, which was set up after the imprisonment of then-Shas head Aryeh Deri. Its participants credit their efforts to stir up public pressure with achieving Deri's release.

Berland left Israel in February 2013, at the same time that the investigation into his alleged crimes began.

Since then, Israeli police and prosecutors have made extended efforts to locate him and bring him back to Israel for questioning.