Ta'ir Kaminar
Ta'ir Kaminarצילום: שני סקרלט קוגן

Ta'ir Kaminar, a young left-wing activist who refused to serve in the IDF, claiming that it is an "army of occupation," was released from the IDF on Thursday after serving several terms in military prison.

Kaminar served a total of 170 days. This is the longest an term in jail that has been served for refusing to serve in the IDF.

Last month, Kaminar requested to be released with the status of a "conscientious objector," such that she could receive a legal exemption from military service; however, this request was rejected.

The reason given for the rejection was that a political objector cannot be classified as a conscientious objector - the latter definition only being applicable if the person in question is sworn to complete pacifism.

Therefore, it was finally decided to release Kaminar on grounds of "lack of fitness." The reason given was "very bad behavior."