Toll highway (illustration)
Toll highway (illustration) iStock

RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) -- An Israeli company will have a pivotal role in a multinational plan to upgrade Colombia's roads.

Shikun & Binui will build the nearly 100-mile-long Cundinamarca 010 toll road near Bogota, the South American country's capital, the Israeli news portal Israel21c reported. The project – including financing, construction costs, rehabilitation, operation and maintenance – is estimated at approximately $640 million.

An Israeli global construction and infrastructure company headquartered in Airport City, near Ben Gurion International Airport, Shikun & Binui said it recently completed the financing for the construction, operation and maintenance of its $1 billion toll lanes project in metropolitan Houston.

In both Colombia and Texas, the construction will be performed by SBI, Shikun & Binui Group’s international contracting subsidiary.

“We will continue to compete for new mega projects in line with our strategic targets,” said Moshe Lahmani, Shikun & Binui's chairman.

Colombia is home to some 3,400 Jews in a population of about 48 million people. In June, an Israeli realtor was shot to death at close range in Medellin, its second largest city.

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