Rebel fighters in Sudan holding up rifles
Rebel fighters in Sudan holding up rifles Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

As the nascent South Sudan tears herself apart, a team of Israelis are caught in the cross-hairs in Juba, the capital city.

IsraAID had sent a team to create and maintain "service providers working with vulnerable communities (especially women and children)," as stated in their mission statement for South Sudan.

However, as the country enters her 5th day of civil war, just 5 years after achieving independence, IsraAID reports that their team is under siege, and is being guarded in a closed compound by tanks.

"IsraAID's team have built a secured place inside the compound in case the rebels breach the compound. All the while bombs were directed at another compound nearby and it totally destroyed it all the while yesterday 6 foreign aid workers were kidnaped [sic] as they tried to leave their compound to try and buy more food and supplies," reports Founding Director Shachar Zahavi in an open letter to the media.

"Just a day ago the hotel next to IsraAID's compound was destroyed by rockets of the rebels aiming into the city. In front of IsraAID's compound has a rows [sic] of tanks and local soldiers are trying to protect the foreigners and the local civilian population. Currently our staff in partnership with our counterparts in the UN, International Non-Government Agency are building an evacuation plan." he adds.

Currently IsraAID is in touch with the British, American, Israeli and French government officials to join their evacuation plans if, and when, they will take place.

Even under mortal threat, though, the organization is not throwing in the towel.

"When the situation calms down IsraAID will be sending an extended team back to South Sudan and help this young new country flourish by continuing our work in health, Pycho-social [sic], conflict resolution to help those in one of the world's most dangerous countries," Zahavi promised.