Gilboa and his wife leaving the hopital
Gilboa and his wife leaving the hopital Photo: Hadassa spokesman's office

Shuki Gilboa, the man who was seriously wounded in the terror attack in which Hallel-Yaffa Ariel was murdered, was released from Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital today (Monday).

Dr. Adir Cohen, a mouth surgery expert who treated Gilboa, told media that "Shuki sustained gunshot wounds in his facial area and was evacuated while fully conscious to the emergency room, where he was examined by specialists.

"The entry wound was identified in the right part of his head in the back, with the exit wound near his right eye socket. His eye sustained permanent damage. In addition, he had shattered facial bones, extensive lacerations, and other injuries to his chest and legs.

The Doctor said that after Gilboa's condition had stabilized and several days of observation in the Intensive Care Unit, he was transferred to the mouth and jaw surgical ward. "His recovery is going well, he's feeling good, and of course he will continue to be monitored by the ward's devoted medical staff."

As he left the hospital accompanied by his wife Shulamit, Gilboa wrote a letter to the staff that treated him. "Dear Hadassah hospital staff, thank you for making my stay with you the best and most pleasant it could be under the circumstances. Continue to be loyal emissaries of God," Gilboa wrote. He then quoted a verse from the Torah. "'And you shall remember that it is God who gives you the strength to do great deeds'. With great appreciation for your dedication, Shuki and Shlomit Gilboa."

Gilboa was wounded as he was entering the house in which Ariel was murdered, in his role as part of the Kiryat Arba security unit.

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