Police checkpoint (file)
Police checkpoint (file) Flash 90

A Jewish man from the Binyamin community of Adam reported that his car was stolen when he took it to be washed in the nearby village of Hizme on Friday.

The victim, whose name has not been released, claims that an Arab burst into his car, struck him and then fled the scene. The vehicle is a truck that the man uses for his work in installing cameras and alarm systems. It contained numerous expensive pieces of equipment at the time.

Through diligent efforts, police managed to locate the vehicle, which had already been emptied of equipment. However, they soon found an additional vehicle with the stolen goods inside.

The Arab driver was arrested and taken for questioning. He will be brought before a court soon. The truck and equipment were returned to their rightful owner, who thanked the police for their decisive actions.

"Israel Police recommend not entering Palestinian villages in Judea and Samaria, as it could endanger the lives of both civilians and the security forces who come to rescue them," said a police spokesperson. He added that Israelis are forbidden from entering Area A, and that doing so constitutes a criminal act.