Jail (illustration)
Jail (illustration) Thinkstock

After several months of investigation, a Jerusalem court ruled on Sunday that a resident of Jerusalem's Beit Safafa neighborhood will serve seven months in prison and pay a 2,000 shekel (520 USD) fine for animal abuse.

Surveillance footage caught the 37-year-old physically abusing his small Pekingese dog by brutally kicking and stomping on her head and body, throwing her across the floor, and dangling her.

Luckily, after the incident, the dog lived but suffered major injuries and received medical treatment.

"The defendant's actions were against a small dog who did not inflict any harm on him whatsoever, and from this we must learn how to adequately deal with animal abuse,” wrote the judge in his decision.

"Such an act cannot be performed unless you have absolutely zero compassion in your heart and you decide to physically and significantly abuse a small animal.”

Police said they support the court’s decision to preserve animal’s rights and hope this case will deter any animal abusers.

Warning: Graphic footage

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