Female Islamist activists on Temple Mount
Female Islamist activists on Temple Mount Reuters

The Temple Mount will be closed to Jewish visitors and tourists for the next three days, Jerusalem police said Tuesday morning.

The closure, which takes place during the Islamic month of Ramadan, comes following rioting by Arabs on the Mount Sunday and Monday in protest of visits by non-Muslims.

No restrictions on Muslims ascending the holy site have been announced.

Following the initial wave of rioting on Sunday, police barred Jews from the Mount in an effort to restore calm. When non-Muslims were again allowed onto the site on Monday, Arab rioters again clashed with police, hurling stones and barricading themselves in the Al Aqsa Mosque.

On Tuesday Arab youths again congregated in and around the mosque, preparing for a third round of violence with stones and firecrackers.

Jerusalem police said in light of ongoing tensions on the Mount, non-Muslim visitors would be barred in the coming days from ascending the holy site, adding that additional security forces would be placed on the Temple Mount to help keep the peace.   

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