Stade de France after bombings.
Stade de France after bombings. Reuters

A shopping mall less than two miles away from the Nice stadium where England will play Iceland in tonight's (Monday) European Championship knockout round match has been evacuated by police. 

A local spokesman has claimed that a suspicious package was checked out and cleared by security officials. "They did what they had to do in these circumstances," he said. "There was a bag but it was nothing suspect."

However, other local reports quoted police sources saying that bomb disposal experts were called to defuse a "makeshift device" involving two gas cylinders and a detonator. 

2,000 people were evacuated, including English and Icelandic supporters in the city to attend the match.

This evacuation occurs against the backdrop of unprecedented security measures taken to prevent any attacks at the European Championship. After the ISIS Paris attacks last November, in which the Stade de France was among the targets, Euro 16 has been put under the highest security alert. ISIS have threatened to target France during the tournament.