US trainers are in Jordan to train security forces (file)
US trainers are in Jordan to train security forces (file) Reuters

Three Jordanian intelligence officers and two civilian employees have been killed in a terrorist attack on a security forces headquarters at a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan.

According to Jordanian government officials, the attack took place at an office of the General Intelligence Department in Baqa'a, located on the outskirts of the capital Amman.

Jordanian television cited by Reuters news agency quoted a government spokesman as saying that the "terrorist attack" took place at 7 a.m., without providing any further details.

According to Al Arabiya news, security forces captured alive the two gunmen behind the attack after a two-hour chase.

"Palestinian refugee camps" in Jordan are in fact built-up neighborhoods, which house the descendants of Palestinians who fled Israel during Arab invasions of the Jewish state. In Jordan, as in most other Arab countries, Palestinians are segregated from the rest of society in an attempt to preserve their "refugee" status as a political weapon, and often complain of discrimination.