German police in Hanover (file)
German police in Hanover (file) Reuters

A total of 54 flights were diverted on Sunday after an unexploded American bomb dropped during World War II was found at Hanover Airport in northern Germany, in a stark reminder of the war.

Last week soundings of the airport's soil ahead of apron resurfacing work picked up magnetic interference at two separate sites, leading local authorities to schedule a search for potential bombs on Sunday, reports Associated Press.

In preparation of the search a 1,000 meter (1,100 yard) radius was sealed off and no fewer than 54 flights were redirected to other airports.

One of the suspicious objects ended up being nothing more than a metal pipe, according to the town council of Langenhagen where the airport is situated.

But the second object was the real deal, as experts unearthed a 250 kilogram (551 pound) American bomb before successfully defusing it.

Finding unexploded bombs from World War II has become a somewhat common occurrence, even now over 70 years since the end of the war.

Just earlier this month nearly 1,000 homes in Bath, England were evacuated after an unexploded 500 pound German bomb was found under a local high school.

Back in May 2015, 20,000 residents of Cologne were evacuated after a 440 pound bomb was found and deactivated.