B'Tselem demonstration (file)
B'Tselem demonstration (file) Flash 90

Gilad Ach, chairman of the Ad Kan nationalist group that has infiltrated and exposed radical leftist organizations, responded on Friday to the announcement of B'Tselem from Wednesday when it said it was cutting its cooperation with the IDF.

In the announcement the far leftist group said it will no longer work with the military prosecution to submit complaints on "war crimes" alegedly committed by the IDF against Palestinian Arabs, saying its cooperation has been essentially "serving the continued justification of the occupation instead of leading to improved Palestinian rights.”

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Ach condemned the B'Tselem statement.

"This declaration is another performance in the theater of the absurd of the anti-Israeli organizations that call themselves human rights organizations," he said.

He noted that B'Tselem, Breaking the Silence and other similar radical leftist groups "gather information about IDF soldiers in order to slander Israel in the world."

Ach spoke about the "human rights" group B'Tselem, pointing out that activists of the group were recently exposed by Ad Kan as having turned over Arabs who wanted to sell land to Jews to the Palestinian Authority (PA) to be tortured and executed.

In response to the exposure, he noted that B'Tselem claimed the activists took "legitimate" actions in a shocking support of the executions.

The Ad Kan chairperson called on Israel to respond in kind to B'Tselem's cutting of cooperation with the IDF by stopping all cooperation with the group, and he urged first of all to stop considering volunteer work in the organization as national service.

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