UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn
UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn Reuters

Labour lost nationwide in local mayoral and Assembly elections, the Daily Mail reports Friday - likely due to the string of anti-Semitism scandals rocking the party throughout the UK.

The party, headed by Hamas and Hezbollah sympathizer Jeremy Corbyn, lost twelve seats in the Scotland national assembly elections, putting the party in third place behind the conservative Tories. 

And in Wales, an exit poll showed Labour losing control of the Welsh Assembly - losing 3 seats, most likely to the UKIP party. 

Labour lost at least seven councillors and one full local council in local British elections, polls Friday indicate.

Labour's standing has suffered from the many anti-Semitic and racist comments its members have made over the past eight months, since Corbyn took leadership of the party. 

More than 50 British Labour party members have been suspended in the past two months over comments deemed racist or anti-Semitic, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Corbyn himself has been criticized in the past for referring to the Lebanese Shi'ite terror group Hezbollah as "friends" and urging dialogue with Palestinian Islamist terror group Hamas, as well as meeting representatives of both organizations.

Former party leader Ed Miliband was expert at keeping the anti-Semitism of several party members quiet, the Mail revealed last week, particularly former London mayor Ken Livingstone. Miliband single-handedly prevented Livingstone from expressing his ideas about Adolf Hitler being a "Zionist" in the latter's autobiography, it reported - keeping the party's reputation intact.