Shopping for bread after Passover 2016
Shopping for bread after Passover 2016Shlomi Cohen/Flash90

After a week without leavened bread, some shoppers are anxious to head for the nearest bakery following the end of the Passover holiday. In recent years, crowds of impatient customers have gathered around bakeries in religious neighborhoods in Israel, with some taking the hunt for hametz just a little too far.

Speaking to his Hassidim on Shabbat, the Vizhnitz Rebbe, Rabbi Yisrael Hager, decried the phenomenon of post-Pesach fights, as crowds of shoppers looking to pick up the first loaves of bread sometimes turn violent.

“There are some who run [to get bread] when it comes time to eat leavened bread, but that’s not suitable for Hassidim and Torah students,” he said.

“Passover is all about breaking [excessive] desire. I’ve heard that in recent years there are fistfights over the first batch of bread – people go wild, forget everything else in the world, and lose their humanity.”

“People need to make sure that there’s no fighting when they get bread. I’ve never been there, but this is what I’ve heard.”