Temple Mount (file)
Temple Mount (file)Garret Mills / Flash 90

The Jerusalem District Court filed an indictment Monday against members of the Mouribaton Islamist network on the Temple Mount, after an Israel Police and Shin Bet investigation. 

The investigation collected prima facie evidence of the existence of a network that operated over time to finance terrorism through payments to the Mouribaton, a self-appointed group of "guardians" to protect Islamist interests on the Mount. The goal: to prevent Jews from visiting Judaism's holiest site. 

Dozens of Mouribaton activists were involved in the scheme, the indictment says, and several suspects are being interrogated over the issue.

The indictment was filed against Muhammad Jabarin from Umm al-Fahm; Najib Kawasma Jeddah; and Khalil Abbasi from Silwan. The three are accused of property transaction for terrorism and membership in an illegal organization.

The prosecution seeks to extend the detention of the three men until the end of proceedings against them.