Swastika graffiti
Swastika graffitiFlash 90

Anti-Semitism strikes in Australia as vandals painted swastikas on Maroubra Synagogue in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

The rabbi of the synagogue, Rabbi Yossi Friedman, was furious over the incident and described the graffiti as an “assault on the Jewish People.”

Apart from desecrating his synagogue, Rabbi Friedman said that a nearby bus stop was also covered with Nazi-style graffiti.

“I can NOT be silent. What would drive a person to such deplorable action? Why such hatred?” said the Rabbi in a statement on Monday, according to the Daily Mail.

He explained how synagogues are symbols of peace and a place reflection, prayer, meditation and could not understand why people would deface them.

Rabbi Friedman had some words of advice for the vandals: “I have one message to impart to that vandal who desecrated my Synagogue and insulted my people: I pity you. Your hatred won't harm us, it will only consume YOU. So for your own sake, let it go. Oh, and one more message. You were damn lucky that I wasn't there to catch you.”