Arab rock terror (file)
Arab rock terror (file) Hadas Parush / Flash 90

Half a year after the start of the "limited popular uprising," as the security apparatus calls the current wave of terror, the attacks seem to be ebbing away.

By looking at the security data for September through March, a clear and strong drop in all aspects of terror can be seen.

The most notable figure is in the number of riots, which have returned to the same level they were at last March.

October was the busiest month, during which time 842 incidents of rioting were recorded. This period coincided with uproar over the Temple Mount and the High Holy days. By comparison, March ended with only 163 riots (nearly equal to the March 2015 count of 159).

The official figures demonstrate a clear and sharp decline in all five categories: shootings, vehicular attacks, stabbing, firebombs and rock attacks.

For example, the most stabbings (117) occurred in December. In March, though, there were only eight.

Similarly, the most shootings in a single month stands at 13. Last month there were only three.

Firebombings in Judea and Samaria also fell considerably, from 88 in October to only 20 in March.

Finally, security forces recorded 442 cases of rock throwing at the start of the terror wave. Last month, though, there were only 165. This is far below even the figure from last March of 270.