Breaking the Silence
Breaking the Silence Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

MK Amir Ohana (Likud) has submitted an urgent query to Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) about the latest revelations of NGOs acting against the IDF from within Israel.

Ohana asked Ariel, who is also responsible for disqualifying organizations' from National Service, what steps could be taken to reduce the government's support for such groups.

"Do these organizations use people in National Service? If so, what measures are being taken on the issue?" he wrote, adding that Uriel already ordered that working for anti-IDF groups should not count for National Service last year.

He further noted, "This absurdity that, through National Service, the State of Israel supports the production of lies by organizations working against it and against the IDF must be stopped. They present part of a picture as if it was the entire picture. In light of this, I have appealed to the Minister in charge of National Service, Uri Ariel, and asked to hear was is being done about it."

MK Ohana's concerns follow Channel 2's uncovering security threats posed by a number of Israeli NGOs.

Many religious women, as well as Israelis who are unable to serve in the military, spend a year or two in National Service as their means of serving the country. They are paid by the government, rather than by the organization with which they volunteer.

If National Service participants are operating in the anti-IDF organizations, the Israeli government would be effectively paying the groups to work to undermine its own operations.