Site of Wednesday's stabbing (illustration)
Site of Wednesday's stabbing (illustration) Jewish community in Hevron

A female Arab terrorist carrying a knife in her bag was arrested on Friday morning at an IDF post in Hevron, where a stabbing attack took place on Thursday morning in which a soldier was lightly wounded.

It would appear that the knife-wielding Arab woman was planning to conduct a stabbing of her own; the incident is currently being investigated.

In Thursday's attack, two Arab terrorists approached and pounced on a soldier at the same guard post adjacent to the Tel Rumeida neighborhood, stabbing and moderately wounding him before being shot dead.

The soldier was evacuated to Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem where his condition stabilized and improved, and he was reclassified as being lightly wounded.

The stabbing gained widespread attention given that a camerawoman of the radical leftist NGO B'Tselem filmed a soldier medic shooting one of the terrorists in the head as he lay on the ground neutralized. The soldier was arrested and investigated based on the footage.

Countering the widespread accusations against him leveled by nearly all politicians and top levels of the military brass, the soldier explained that he saw the terrorist move and feared he was about to detonate a suicide bomb belt, given suspicions that the terrorist was hiding explosives under his coat which he wore despite the warm weather.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu joined widespread condemnation of the soldier on Wednesday night, saying, "what happened in Hevron does not represent the values of the IDF. The IDF expects its soldiers to act with self-control and in accordance with the open-fire regulations."

In the soldier's defense, Yisrael Beytenu chairperson MK Avigdor Liberman said, "this onslaught against the soldier is hypocritical and unjustified, and it is better to have a soldier who makes a mistake and stays alive than a soldier who hesitates and the terrorist kills him."

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