BDS graffiti sign
BDS graffiti sign Miriam Alster/Flash 90

An Indian-Palestinian BDS activist recently claimed that the State of Israel was created by the West in a conspiracy similar to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The activist, Nasser Barakat, made the comments during a forum entitled “Indian People in Solidarity with Palestine”. The forum was held last August and the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) recently uploaded a translated version of Barakat's remarks.

“Why have the (Western powers) really created Israel in Palestine? There's a very simple reason - because they want an excuse. Like they fabricated 9/11 - there is still no proof. There's no proof that Al-Qaeda did that. That building - they are saying that 3,000 people died. Nobody... It was all fabricated. They wanted... George W. Bush wanted to demolish (former Russian PM) Primakov's plan,” claimed Barakat.

“The trio-triangle unity of China, India, and Russia - this disturbed America. It had become a nightmare for her. So America... The Caspian Sea is very rich in oil. Afghanistan is in the heart of this triangle. So they had to fabricate something. They wanted to attack, to justify their actions,” he continued.

Barakat also claimed that the entire issue of Iran's nuclear program was fabricated because, as he said, Iran is actually “Israel's biggest ally”.

“In 2007, I was sitting with some people in Ashok Hotel. There was a place, a Lebanese restaurant, and one Iranian professor - she is here in India, I guess, but I don't have any contact with her... I told her: 'This fake issue of your nuclear thing - you can make anybody believe this, but not me. You are the biggest ally of Israel. I have no little doubt,'” said Barakat, who also claimed that “Iran is a big fake that America created.”