Terror survivor Kay Wilson addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) with an eloquent and devastatingly powerful message Monday.

“I’m Kay Wilson, an Israeli Jewish tour guide and educator for StandWithUs," she began. "In December 2010, I was gagged bound, and held at knifepoint for half an hour by two Palestinian terrorists, then butchered 13 times with a machete, while watching my American Christian friend, Kristine Luken, hacked to death before my eyes because her executioners thought she was Jewish.

“The United Nations Human Rights Council immorally whitewashes terrorism as helplessness and frustration," Wilson stated. "As a survivor, I know that to be being shackled in perpetual victimhood is not kind, helpful, moral or true. Personally, I’ve not also taken out my frustrations by holding Arabs hostage, tying them up and hacking them to death.”

"Through the likes of their social media and educational institutions, the Palestinian Authority incites people to believe that Jews are unworthy of life. The incentive: American and European taxpayers’ money given to the Palestinian Authority, who rewards incarcerated murderers with monthly execution stipends.

"Avoiding duty, and with pathological bias, you blame Israel, a Jewish democratic state of thriving coexistence, in which an Israeli Arab Muslim surgeon saved my life. Gagged with prejudice, bound with bigotry or held hostage by hate, and ineffective to do the goodness that will enhance people’s lives, may this council be set free, liberated to embrace both the integrity and impartiality needed to make our region a better place,” she concluded.

Wilson was on a hike with her friend Kristine Luken in the Mata forest, near the city of Beit Shemesh, when the two were subjected to a savage attack by two Arab terrorists, who had been waiting for victims to show up. Kristine died in front of Kay's eyes, and Kay was spared the same fate only by playing dead despite the excruciating pain. She has since devoted her time to speaking in the US and elsewhere on behalf of Israel.