(Illustration) IDF Spokesperson Unit

Early on Friday morning an Arab terrorist threw an explosive at an Israeli car driving near Otniel in the southern Hevron hills region of Judea.

The masked terrorist waited by the road and threw the improvised pipe bomb, which exploded just a second after a female Israeli motorist drove by.

Fortunately the driver was unharmed, although her car was lightly damaged by the bomb.

Shrapnel from the explosive flew into the car engine, but the driver was able to continue driving and fled the site.

Security forces began a search of the area to try and locate the terrorist.

Friday's attack is one of a recent uptick in terror assaults this week since US Vice President Joe Biden arrived for a visit on Tuesday.

Those attacks included a stabbing spree in Jaffa (Yafo) on Tuesday in which ten were wounded and US tourist Taylor Force was murdered, which came after a stabbing in Petah Tikva and a shooting attack in Jerusalem in which two officers were seriously wounded.

Then on Wednesday morning there was a two-front shooting attack in Jerusalem in which two Arab terrorists driving in their car shot and seriously wounded an Arab resident of the capital, mistaking him for a Jew.

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