The knife found in the terrorist's bag
The knife found in the terrorist's bag Police spokesperson unit

A female Ara terrorist was arrested on Monday at the "Kiosk" checkpoint, located adjacent to the village of Abu Dis just to the east of Jerusalem.

Security cameras caught the tense stand off as Border Police officers got her to throw over her bag, in which they found a knife.

פלסטינית נעצרה על ידי לוחמי מג"ב כשבתיקה סכין

In catching the knife in her bag the officers prevented a stabbing attack, as she later admitted her intentions to launch an attack at the checkpoint.

The terrorist approached the checkpoint on foot while carrying a bag on her back, and in doing so raised the suspicions of the officers.

They called on her to stop and throw the bag over for them to check, all while maintaining a safe distance from her and securing the checkpoint.

Responding to their calls, the terrorist stopped and threw over her bag, in which a huge knife was found.

She was arrested, and in an initial investigation said that she wanted to conduct an attack against the security forces.

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